Frank’s Automotive goes digital to keep folks on the road

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Frank’s Automotive Repair
Frank's Automotive a family-owned and operated shop in Tulare has been a full service auto repair company since 1960. Andy Daniels, son of Frank, currently owns his father’s business.

Frank originally started the business in a Mohawk Gas Station on Memorial Day weekend in 1960. Daniels says, "My dad has always had a desire to help people. Even with a very limited budget, not only did he sell gas, but he had one hoist, or one lift, to service and repair cars and pick-ups."

Things have changed a bit since then, but the service and customer loyalty remain the same. Frank’s is known for its honesty, allowing you to make educated choices based on their expertise and being affordable while not compromising on quality.

"The story my parents love to tell, is that when I was 3 years old, my mother dropped me off at the station, so my dad could watch me for a short time while she ran an errand," Daniels remembers. "While I was with him, there was a car up on a jack stand and he had removed the lug nuts to take the tire off.  The telephone rang and he went to answer it.  When he came back, I had put the lug nuts back on the car by hand.  So, they like to say that I started working on cars when I was 3 years old."

He had the desire to work on cars at an early age, but Frank had him start with pumping gas, sweeping up, hosing down, scrubbing islands and assisting technicians. He started assisting his dad in running the business in high school and in 1992 he took over Frank’s.

In his three decades running Frank’s, nothing could have prepared Daniels for the challenges of 2020.

During the first weeks of COVID there was definitely a lot of uncertainty. Daniels says, "We belong to two automotive associations and immediately started having zoom meetings with the two groups to put our heads together to formulate a plan of action going forward."

Because of the uncertainty for customers as well, it resulted in a drastic slowdown of business and confusion around what it meant to be an essential business. Through all of the haziness and slowed business he knew one thing to be true.

"People need their vehicles to be dependable so that they can go to the store, doctor, pharmacy and travel to help take care of family members living across town or across the nation."

In response to changing business, Frank’s Automotive changed their shops operating system to go paperless. Now, all work orders can be handled digitally, and clients can be texted service links with estimates and repairs, as well as a "Text to Pay" option.

This allowed the office and waiting room to be closed for physical distancing purposes. After repairs and service, there is also a cleaning protocol for client's cars as they come in and as they leave the facility. Clients love the ability to take care of car needs remotely which he says looks to be the new normal.